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MEFTV speaks to Mathias Höllerl, Managing Director of DIMOCO Messaging on their stand during MWC 2019, where he explains their view on messaging services and how the space is evolving.

Asked if 2019 was to be the year for RCS he said; “2019 needs to be the year… At DIMOCO we think, RCS is not only a messaging channel, we also see it in combination with billing – DIMOCO is a group of companies which combine carrier billing, and we are also a licensed payment institute where we offer different payment options…

So we think RCS is not only the richness of the customer engagement, we also think there needs to be a payment at the end of the day, which is what we offer – we believe RCS is the whole package.”

“I think its our job to tell the enterprises what options they have – we try to offer many channels OTTs, Viber, whatsapp etc .. SMS is a key driver for us in enterprise messaging … we try to offer the whole spectrum – we need to educate the enterprise market on what options they have: RCS opens a new market but we still have the ease & beauty of SMS.

Watch the full video below.

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