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MEFTV speaks to Juan Jose Ramirez, Digital Solutions Architect at MEF Member and Future of Messaging Programme participant Telenor, who shares his take on the significance of Rich Communications Services for messaging and suggests steps the industry needs to take to safeguard success.

“One of the things that I’m very devoted to keeping mind on message to communicate is trust – we need to come up with a solution on our platform that is trustworthy end to end, so end-users and companies and brands know it is a safe channel, that they will not be the victim of fraud.

We need to work with ourselves and the community of aggregators and  enterprises to ensure that what we are defining together will enable just that –  of course its a tricky situation as we need to get into the market and test it, its a fairly green field. Its not just the same scenario as SMS because it opens wider opportunities to share files, content, video and that opens new opportunities for carrier billing and they need to take into consideration of how we’re going to make it work; key aspects for this to work are the principles. Each aggregator, telco and brand, working on the same principles, then can start to connect the channels together in the manner that filters the bad grey spamming/fraud channels, to keep that trust gold from the very beginning.”

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