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MEFTV speaks to Declan Pettit, Co-founder and Director of MCP Insight during MWC 2018, where he discusses the need for regulatory monitoring of carrier billing services and some of the kinds of mobile fraud they see.

“I think [consumers] are less aware of the nature, extent and seriousness of the current defrauding that’s going on, because a lot of whats happening is automated – its bot controlled – so if you take for instance auto subscribing which is very commonplace currently, and especially in an in-app channel where a user simply clicking through some pages they are automatically subscribed to a service which may not be billed for few days… There is a seamless flow where unknown to themselves they can be billed directly from a page… Trying to tie up the original journey and the end bill can be very difficult.”

“The network operators are taking it seriously, I think what they need to do though is approach it in a unified way per territory or perhaps from a group level so everyone in moving a long at the same pace to stop any particular bad actors from making hay in certain areas where network operators are more relaxed.

Watch the full video below.

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