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MEFTV speaks to Ira Cohen, VP of Marketing & Business Development at MMD Smart during MWC 2018, where he talks about their new platform Message Whiz and the future of enterprise messaging.

“There are verticals that will use other means rather than mobile to communicate with their customers… there are a lot of companies, brands included, that are using emails to communicate with potential clients – they’re using on-screen ads, they’re not really using the power of mobile, which as we all know is ubiquitous – so the opportunity is huge.”

“We’ve made it easier and more accessible – we give them an opportunity to not just send the SMS message as part of a bulk package but to actually optimise the SMS they’re getting. We have conversion and delivery APIs which takes that information and makes sure they reach their KPI – the results have been absolutely amazing… We’re combining the SMS consulting together with SMS performance – its a unique package.”

“We’re also working on chat bots and we’re already using AI to manage the dialogue… On RCS I think the verdict is still out – a lot will depend on the Apple relationship with Google and how that pans out… I think its an exciting thing for the industry to have this possibility – the whole ability to integrate SMS with some of the popular OTT’s is another way for SMS to have a great deal of strength in the future… we certainly see a bright prognosis ahead.

Watch the full video below.

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