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MEFTV speaks to Aniketh Jain, CEO & Co founder at Solutions Infini and Managing Director at new enterprise comms giant Kaleyra during MWC 2018, where he explains the goals of their new business and how they view the industry evolving.

“People are talking about RCS people are talking about chatbots, all of them are talking about multiple applications – messaging as a service, it will be interesting to bring all that together as one single piece, and thats where my focus is – to stitch together this product and offer it to the global customers with simplicity.”

“We see a lot of traction in the IoT space – it is changing the way the consumer behaves.. IoT is the great future. A lot of people are talking about AI and machine learning – we need to figure out whats happening in that space, maybe next year we will see something more visible at MWC.

Watch the full video below.

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