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Streaming music is taking over the world. But not in developing markets, where data is pricey and handsets are basic. As a result, piracy reigns. Here, Thabiet Allie explains why he built a legal alternative: TurnUp Music…

Piracy is annihilating Africa’s vibrant music scene, as it has the rest of the world. But whereas mature market users are learning to embrace services like Spotify and Deezer, Africa needs a different kind of remedy.

Startup TurnUp Music thinks it has one. It teamed up with WeChat to build a music download service that offers free data, ad funding and easy payment options like carrier billing. It also changes the dynamics of music publishing with a self-serve platform through which unsigned artists can find an audience.

Thabiet Allie, CEO of TurnUp Music talked to MEF about the company’s mission at the recent expo.

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