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Telecoming´s Head of UX, David Murillo explains why now more than ever, the user experience is critical to the mobile experience – plus, MEFTV speaks to CEO Cyrille Thivat about their business and the mobile ecosystem.

The latest Mobile World Congress portrayed that user behaviour patterns are one of the most requested insights when designing a customer journey. It’s the starting point of a journey towards achieving the main goal of mobile services: to provide users with a tailored consumer experience that meets his or her needs.

However, as well as being the starting point, it’s also an ongoing process which pairs with the user throughout the whole experience.

More than ever, players in the mobile industry are face to face with the challenge of meeting constantly changing user needs and preferences.

User Experience is one of the main factors within the new digital business models. The VR proposals presented in Barcelona highlight the ongoing transformation, from an offer of services to an offer of experience. Only if we place the user at the center of the strategy we will be able to develop, design and provide real value to the market.

In order to understand and to provide a suitable response to the new consumption habits being exhibited, here are some insights which should be taken into consideration to ensure the best mobile user experience:

  • User Experience is born mobile. There is no doubt that the present is mobile and this must be taken as an essential premise when designing the best user experience. For this reason, the right path consists in taking Mobile First.
  • User centric experiences request an ongoing improvement process, leaving no space to short cuts. In order to provide useful improvements, an ongoing testing process is recommended to guarantee that the service update is aligned with the new user´s demands.
  • Information architecture is decisive in order to guarantee the best user experience. The way in which information is framed and structured plays a remarkable role in order to provide the users the most suitable content display.
  • The fact that mobile should be taken first does not mean that it should be considered as the only device. Other potential devices and platforms should always be in the user experience designer´s scope if the aim is to promote an integral approach. We must keep in mind that the same user may access the same content through a variety of devices.
  • Having awareness on the user´s consumption habits is a necessary first step when prioritizing his needs. The user experience journey starts with the user detection, followed by a thorough behavioral analysis. This process usually reaches an endpoint with the service / product delivery and sometimes with a final feedback phase.
  • Teaming up Product and User Experience Teams is a suitable procedure with which to merge two extremely relevant know how elements. In this sense, user experience knowledge and product understanding come together from the start.
  • Usability must not be mistaken with User Experience. Although usability compromises an essential factor, user experience – wise it´s definitely not the same. User Experience compromises the overall process and takes into consideration every interaction opportunity with a specific element within the service.

David Murillo

Head of UX, Telecoming


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