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With the Meffys final, supported by Mozilla & BiP, just weeks away on December 1st (got your tickets yet?) we are taking a brief look at the finalists in the nine different categories.

The new Innovation in Content category looks at the most beloved of mobile staples – recognising the all encompassing “content” creators, the stuff we just cant tear our eyes from on mobile. Its the apps, products and services that use innovative, creative ideas and tech to create an engaging and captivating user experience. Let’s take a look at the 2016 shortlist…

FS for TIM Kids Criar

TIM Kids is an educational web portal, where children can learn and develop their creative skills and be entertained in a totally safe and fun online environment.

Playing on coputer, or through phones and tablets,  TIM Kids can participate in collaborative learning projects to earn credits that can be used to build their own personal city and interact with others. With a huge library of content in videos and texts for schools, as well as virtual teachers and the “Kids News” daily newspaper using 3D and augmented reality resources, TIM Kids have access to one of the coolest online learning environments in the world.

Visit TIM Kids Criar

Isobar for Nivea Sing Along

Nivea Singalong was a temporary website celebrating Valentine’s day – in a partnership between Nivea and Spotify, the campaign was all about bringing people together through the power of music – after all, music can be a defining factor in how we pick a partner!

Thanks to the partnership, Nivea was able to access and cross-reference Spotify’s data about the user’s music tastes. When visiting the site on mobile, people could then share a few preferences and then start matching themselves with other individuals with similar music tastes, and then start chatting to mutual matches right within the app.

Visit Nivea Singalong

Mahindra Comviva for Mooditt Digital Store

The Mooditt Digital Store is exactly that – an online store where you can buy and sell all kinds of digital gods and assets.

A unique proposition, buys and sells all manner of digital content spanning audio, video, games, e-books and more, with over 150 content provider partnerships from across the world. With the massive growth seen in digital content, content discovery and distribution have become hugely challenging as distribution channels are unable to get access to content quickly, and artists and creators struggle to monetise their wares.

The Mooditt Digital Store provides a one-stop shop for digital content, where issues around regional rights and licensing are all handled by the platform, and content creators can analyse downloads and performance to improve their offerings via multiple distribution channels.

Visit Mooditt

Orange for TV Clipping

The rise of social networks has had a profound impact on how we consume media, and these days, watching a popular TV programme is a social experience with users commenting and sharing insights while their shows play out live on screen.

Orange TV Clipping is a brilliant service that lets users “clip” tv shows as they are happening from their Orange TV app – taking a section of video that they want to highlight, and share it on their social networks instantly with their thoughts added, and all the appropriate hashtags in place. This isnt just filming your TV with a mobile camera – you are provided with a high quality section of footage from the show you are watching to share – surely some kind of mobile wizardry – that allows increased engagement for brands, and is hugely entertaining for the users.

Visit Orange

RELAYTO for Interactive Customer-facing Documents

RELAYTO is an all in one online publishing platform that allows you to create living documents using a range of content and sources, without complex code or lenghty uploads.

The smart publishing app allows you take any kind of online content – video, pictures, text, and put them right into a document to create impressive multimedia content in minutes, that can be easlily shared for public or priveta collaboration and published to private or public channels via social networks, blogs or even email and sms.

Visit Relayto

Join us at the Meffys finals – London Dec 1st

Meffys 2016 supported by Mozilla & BiP is part of MEF London Week (29th November – 1st December) which includes Messaging & SMS World and MEF’s European Consumer Trust Summit.

The winners will be announced at a networking reception and features an innovation showcase – your chance to meet the finalists as well as live on-stage interviews with the winners hosted by Shivvy Jervis.

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