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With the Meffys final, supported by Mozilla & BiP, just around the corner on December 1st (got your tickets yet?) we are taking a brief look at the finalists in the nine different categories.

The Innovation in mHealth category is all about the mobile products and services really making a difference to people’s lives in the all-important field of healthcare. It recognises apps and innovations to healthcare information collection, treatment solutions and tools for diagnosis, as well as innovative lifestyle and health coaching apps. Let’s take a look at the 2016 shortlist…

babylon for babylon

UK based Babylon has big ambitions to bring accessible and affordable healthcare to every person on Earth, with mobile tech at the heart of it.

Using their simple app users can speak to a real live doctor about health issues and problems within minutes – gone are the days of booking appointments and lengthy waits – now users can get quick answers to their health concerns, including access to therapists dealing with a range mental health issues.

In addition to live consultations, the app features a host of other functions including monitoring your health using your phone’s various sensors, track your medical records and history, and find out information about symptoms or ask simple questions to be answered, again, by real doctors.

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Blue Maestro for Pacif-i

The Pacif-I is one of those simple ideas that you wish you had thought of – a Bluetooth enabled thermometer, inside a baby’s dummy (or pacifier) linked to your smartphone, that allows you to accurately and unobtrusively monitor baby’s temperature without the associated trauma for everyone using traditional methods.

With low energy Bluetooth and rigorous manufacturing the Pacif-I is totally safe for the baby user and provides extremely accurate data to mum and dad. In addition to simply monitoring temperature, they can record and timestamp data and medication times, track trends in temperature – after medication for example, and even locate mislaid pacifiers (or babies?) in the room with a handy beeping search function!

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Cupris for Cupris Health

The Cupris Health Platform is a communication tool aimed at medical professionals that facilitates simple interactions between users, patients and other healthcare workers.

The tool gives users secure access to patient medical records, with photos and videos on their phone and allows health workers to conduct examinations using medical tool addons – but the platform is really about ensuring good communication between the many individuals involved in giving patient care.

In a 4 day stay at hospital patients may interact with some 50 different medical professionals – ensuring good channels of communication and secure sharing of patient data can not only avoid re-admissions due to misunderstandings, but save lives.

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Deutsche Telekom for Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest is at first glance an unlikely candidate for the mHealth category, being as it is a colourful mobile game where you navigate a ship around various nautical adventures and locales. But under its cheerful exterior the game is performing a truly remarkable function – collecting data about the way the human brain creates and stores information about navigation, to help research into dementia.

Dementia affects 47.5 million people worldwide, but scientists’ understanding of its causes and progression is relatively poor, and lab based research is incredibly time consuming and expensive.

The idea to combine an addictive mobile game with an equally rigorous data collection method means that decades worth of data can be amassed in a fraction of the time, allowing the creation of a benchmark for human spatial navigation that will help scientists measure, understand, and eventually, treat dementia.

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Smart Communications for SHINE OS+

SMART launched Shine (Secured Health Information Network and Exchange) in the Philippines in 2011 to address a need for an integrated health management platform. Shine OS+ is the open source incarnation of that platform today and aims to be the go-to gateway for the country’s local and national health care information.

The app allows users to record consultations and patient information, building up a complete profile of the patient that can be shared with other healthcare professionals saving valuable time during referrals, can manage prescriptions, appointments, reminder, and a host of useful electronic medical record functions.

Whether used by private or government healthcare clinician, a health IT professional, educator or a healthcare beneficiary, Shine OS+ allows creation of, and access to, secure healthcare information, greatly impacting local and national healthcare in the Philippines.

Visit Shine

Join us at the Meffys finals – London Dec 1st

Meffys 2016 supported by Mozilla & BiP is part of MEF London Week (29th November – 1st December) which includes Messaging & SMS World and MEF’s European Consumer Trust Summit.

The winners will be announced at a networking reception and features an innovation showcase – your chance to meet the finalists as well as live on-stage interviews with the winners hosted by Shivvy Jervis.

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