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Every week, MEF Minute find the latest industry stats and reports from across the global mobile industry.

Here we present a round up of all the reports and sources from throughout the month by sector.

Subscriptions and devices

  • The global smartphone market will grow in single digits for the first time ever this year, according to IDC from 9.8 per cent in 2015 to post a total of 1.43 billion units sold.

 Commerce and payments

Apps and services

  • 73 per cent of enterprise app deployments are iOS
    According to an analysis of two million mobile app installations by app management company Apperian, 73 per cent of enterprise mobile app deployments run on iOS, while 26.5 per cent are Android-based and just 0.3 per cent are made for Windows.

Wearables and smartwatches

  • The market for wearables is set for a major surge, with 740 million units in use by the end of next year, and 1.1 billion units by 2019. The findings appear in a new research from Gartner.
  • The Mobile Life Research Centre at the University of Stockholm tracked 1,009 incidents of watch use, and found half were to simply check the watch face for the current time.