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In the run up to this year’s Meffys we are profiling the finalists in the different categories.  –  Today its the turn of the Innovation Award for mHealth, recognising the products and services that are driving the space forward.  It includes healthcare, treatment, diagnosis solutions as well as lifestyle and health coaching through increased accessibility.

The ultimate winners will be announced on October 19th 2015 in at a Gala Dinner taking place in London,  hosted by the legendary musician, beat-boxer and musical mastermind, Beardyman

babylonBabylon Health solves the growing worldwide disparity between the demand for quality healthcare, and the supply. Currently patients are often unable to get healthcare as quickly as they need it, and 50% of the global population has no access to healthcare at all. One of the main reasons for this is the existing convention of booking an appointment in person to ask even the most simple medical questions. Babylon brings all of the services you would expect to find at your GP surgery to your smartphone, including:   – Face-to-face consultations in minutes, anywhere, any time  – Instant referrals to the very best specialists or diagnositcs  – Text any question or image to our clinicians for a quick personal response  – Instant, secure access to your Clinical Records, including recordings of all previous consultations and your Ask history – Track your health with the world’s most comprehensive clinical monitoring system – Clinical level test kits delivered to your home with results uploaded straight to the Monitor feature within 72 hours.

bemyeyesBe My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. This allows the blind to handle big and small tasks, while sighted get the joy of helping someone else in a easy and informal way.   The technology behind Be My Eyes is simple, yet extremely powerful. The Be My Eyes app connects visually impaired to sighted volunteers. They are connected via a live video call using peer-to-peer technology. More than 250.000 volunteers are already lending eyes to the visually impaired, providing guidance 24/7.

The system is built as a shuffle-call system, which forwards the help request until a volunteer answers. Visually impaired can lend a pair of eyes without deciding who to bother, which creates independence.   We are crowdsourcing the translation of the app, improvements of the source code and the marketing. Be My Eyes has been translated into 90+ languages and has been featured in the most prestigious medias across the globe without using a dime on marketing or translations. The power of Be My Eyes – is the power of the crowd.

goodsamGoodSAM app uses GPRS technology to alert trained first responders to emergencies within their immediate reach. In an emergency, seconds count. Opening an airway and basic life-support can improve outcomes and save lives if done quickly enough. Through the GoodSAM app, trained first responders (who may be off duty) including doctors, nurses, firefighters, paramedics, police officers and medical students can register to be alerted to incidents in their surrounding area and could be on scene within minutes. With a built-in Defibrilocator function, app users can also easily identify public access defibrillators.

Air AmbulanceWorking with EE’s app partner Mubaloo, London’s Air Ambulance has now increased its chance of saving lives through a bespoke app that reduces the dispatch process by an average of two minutes. Though two minutes may not sound like much, 10 seconds can mean the difference between life and death for critically injured or ill patients. A world-first air and ground crew app, the app has had a dramatic impact on London’s Air Ambulance’s operations and has helped the team save lives and the app has helped reduce some of the stresses that come with such a critical job.  In some cases, the app, integrated with London’s Emergency Operations centre, has seen ground crews be re-dispatched in as little as 10 seconds. The app is the ultimate expression of how mobile can impact our lives. In the hands of experts, it helps them do their jobs better – which may just save you or someone you care about one day.

Transcense AvaAva, is under development and will be launched in September 2015. Ava, which stands for audio visual aid, is a mobile application that captions conversations in real-time for deaf and hard of hearing people.  Using speech recognition and speaker identification technologies, the app recognizes who is talking and what the person says, and displays this on a smartphone or tablet.   Different speakers are automatically assigned different colour codings so that it’s easy for a deaf person to distinguish the different individuals in the conversation.

In the ideal situation every speaker in the conversation has their phone connected and close to their speech, however it is possible to use a smaller number of devices than the number of speakers, by leveraging the speaker identification technology. Based on certain voice patterns (markers) the app can distinguish multiple speakers talking into one phone.

The winners will be announced at a glittering Gala Dinner taking place on 19th October at the prestigious Rosewood Hotel – a stunning 5 star venue in the heart of the city.

Tickets are on sale now – be sure to book your VIP table for a front row seat and join the who’s who of the mobile industry at this year’s celebration.

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