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Now in their 12th year, MEF’s annual awards, the Meffys is an industry benchmark for the evolution of our ecosystem.

In 2005 the first dedicated Innovation Award was introduced to the Meffys and marked “an industry coming of age” according to the ceremony host, UK newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Fast-forward 10 years and it is the sectors that mobile now enables that is experiencing accelerated growth.

The Meffys 2015 features seven Innovation awards including: App, Business Model, Mobile in Education, FinTech, mHealth, Mobile First Markets and Technology. Here we take a look at the facts and stats about some of the sectors that are driving driving innovation and why they are firmly establishing themselves in today’s mobile ecosystem.

Take your place in the industry’s evolution. Entry deadline 31st July.


1. The FinTech ecosystem is complex.  Venturescanner is tracking  1,072 companies across 17 categories including mobile payments, banking, remittances, personal finance and more.

2. Global investment in FinTech has increased five-fold since 2010 to $13.7 billion according to CB Insights.

3. Overall, 4 of the 10 largest mobile FinTech deals this year have gone to Asian companies.  Cumulatively the top 10 deals thus far in 2015 have raised over $1B. (CB Insights).

4. According to Frost, mobile payments will receive the bulk of the $110 bn investment in payment-tech in 2015.

fintechFinTech services in particular mobile payments and mobile money are growing fastest in growth markets

5. According to the Central Bank of Kenya, Kenyans transacted $26bn via M-Pesa in 2014.

6. There are 265 live deployments and 102 planned deployments of mobile money services for the unbanked according to the GSMA MMU tracker.


7. Visiongain calculates the global mHealth market will reach $10.33 billion in 2015.

8. Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK are the top five countries offering the best market conditions for mobile health app companies in Europe, according to this survey  by research2guidance.

mhealth 2Healthcare professionals and consumers alike are seeing the benefits of mHealth.

9. Globally 44 per cent of mobile users have seen a medical professional using a mobile device during treatment or diagnosis. MEF mHealth and Wearables Report 2015

10. 80 per cent of global smartphone users in a FICO survey indicated interest in using their smartphones to interact with health care providers. 

11. 86 per cent of healthcare professionals believe that health apps will increase their knowledge of patients’ conditions – Research Now

12. The fourth annual HIMSS mobile survey revealed that 73 per cent of respondents believe the use of app-enabled patient portals has been the most effective tool in patient engagement to date.


13. According to‘s  survey of teachers and students in 8,000 US schools, 63 per cent of teachers regularly use a tablet and 88 per cent use a smartphone to assist teaching, whilst 75 per cent of students say it is important for them to use a mobile device – to help with learning – in the classroom.

14. Asia’s M-Learning market will rocket from US$2.3 billion in revenues for 2014 to $12.3 billion by 2020, an increase of almost 4.5 times.

111109_Rossett15. Asia is now the fastest-growing e-learning market in the world with outright leadership in the key areas of games-based, mobile and social-based learning.  It also includes seven of the world’s top ten fastest growing e-learning markets: Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan.

16. MEF’s own Mobile Education report, indicated that 27 per cent of consumers in India use educational apps (the global average is 20 per cent) whilst 12 per cent had to download an app explicitly for use as part of school work.


meffys logoJudged by expert panels of international journalists, analysts, academics and VCs, the Meffys provide companies and innovators with an unrivalled opportunity to be considered for one of the global mobile industry’s top accolades.

The 2015 awards have 17 categories in total, as well as innovation there are Market & Sector awards including Consumer Trust, Mobile First markets, Enterprise and Social & Entertainment.

Deadline for entries is 31st July 2015 – get yours in now.