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On 30th June MEF Global Forum, the popular Silicon Valley series comes to Bangalore to discuss how to accelerate the mobile opportunity in the rapidly growing mobile-first markets across South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The one-day conference includes a dedicated innovation session in partnership with GrowthEnabler where 10 start-ups will pitch their business ideas and an expert panel of execs from Amazon, Micromax, Kae Capital and 91 Springboard will discuss the ecosystem innovation requirements for success in the region.

Here we give a sneak preview of some of the start-ups who will be pitching at the event.


Currently in Beta, Binjj is “India’s first real-time marketing platform” and takes the form of a smartphone app aimed at restaurants and food outlets, allowing savvy restauraters to promote deals and offers to their customers in real time.

11046760_1575343692722853_1802033316263840565_nUsers can see details of all the local offers around them and easily decide which they want to take advantage of using a seamless vouchering system, and can look forward to a range of special offers and discounts, all presented in-app, based on their proximity to the deal.


Binge is a free mobile app for smartphones again aimed at restaurants, but in a very different field – it allows you to open a bar or restaurant tab and keep track of your orders throughout the meal while getting rewards and offers while doing so. It brings a whole new level of convenience to dining out.

As the app is integrated with the restaurant’s point of sale system, when its time to pay, you do so straight from the app, no need for a bill or to even bother the busy waiter – a receipt is emailed straight to you. If you want to split the bill, you can easily do that to with other Binge users.

Daily Roundssliderimg1

Daily Rounds is digital medical journal that provides a daily feed of clinical cases, news and quiz challenges for free in a smartphone app, available for IOS and Android. Intended for doctors and medical professionals, the daily content is submitted by the user community and peer-reviewed by an editorial team of doctors. Remarkably, all the content is provided completely for free with no advertising or subscriptions.

With gamification aspects in visual challenges and puzzles, the Daily Rounds app provides an entirely new approach to medical journals, taking a new, problem solving based learning approach to medical education, and a genuinely useful resource to medical professionals.


Dressy is a clever solution for trying out the latest fashions from the comfort of your home, with a plug and play virtual fitting room for e-commerce sites. It guides users on virtual fit and custom size recommendations for all body types and allows users to share the look on social network for feedback. You can look at multiple styles side by side and make decisions on what fashions to go for more easily.

Dressy is intended primarily for e-commerce stores but is also available for brick and mortar stores as a tablet app to enhance in-store customer experience.


FiTicket is a “Fitness Passport” app that connects users to fitness classes, allowing customers to use several different gym locations and focus on just the classes they are interested in.

Based on a monthly subscription and up and running in three Indian cities so far, FitTicket completely rethinks gym membership – now users can train across locations where different facilities and trainers may be available.

With unlimited access to classes throughout their subscirption, users have access to thousands of diverse activities to enhance their fitness regime as it suits them.


Geotagg, started by IIT Madras graduates, is using tech to tackle problems around transportation, with a particular focus on the issues unique to Indian cities and developing urban centres.

The apps they are working on have potential to aid many areas of transportation, including GPS apps for buses to help navigate the dense traffic in real-time, fleet management applications for public transport firms, route optimization systems and e-ticketing apps and modules.

Their flagship app for consumers, Raft, provides commuters with up-to-date, accurate travel information as they make their journey across the city, incorporating crowd sourced information, in addition to the official scheduled info, to make it as relevant as possible and an invaluable aid for navigating the busy urban landscape.

phones-2-cd2e3a3a6effe3655815cafbdd3f1fc5Jiff Store

The JiffStore app allows customers to order their groceries from local convenience stores on the go. With 110 stores across Bangalore signed up, customers get to avoid crowded stores and parking problems by cutting out the shopping part of the weekly shop completely!

Groceries are delivered straight home for free at a time set by the user, and unlike similar services in other territories, this app isn’t tied to a major grocery chain or store but instead relies on local, smaller suppliers. Convenience stores just got even more convenient.

For app developers, one of the most frustrating realities of life is that users will at times uninstall your app. Not a problem in itself, but without feedback as to why the uninstall occurred, how can you hope to improve your app’s performance? (formerly known as Betaglide) provides a powerful platform for app developers to better understand what has happened when users churn, getting to the root of their behaviour, and giving the developers a wealth of useful data to allow the to improve their services. Furthermore, the suite of tools allows developers to re-target lost users and bring them back into the fold.

mefgf-sponsors-logo2MEF Global Forum Mobile First MarketsJune 30th, Bangalore is a one-day conference supported by Mozilla, Mahindra Comviva, Nazara and Blippar showcasing the latest innovations and trends helping accelerate growth in exciting markets such as India, Nigeria, Turkey and Indonesia. Learn more about how local pioneers and new sector opportunities are helping mobile-first markets leapfrog developed markets when it comes to advancing opportunities in the mobile ecosystem. MEF Global Forum Mobile First Markets is FREE to attend for MEF members – head over to the MEF website to find out more.