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Mobile_MoneyMobile Money continues to gather pace.  This year’s Christmas period saw another record breaking year in mobile transaction volumes.  At the same time the halo effect of Apple Pay has seen the launch of similar services, notably Samsung’s Samsung Pay.

Here we’ve collected the original reports, research and forecasts over the last three months that illustrate just how mobile money is taking hold, bringing mobile service providers in to direct and collaborative relationships with regulators, banks, and retailers and typify how the ecosystem is evolving, cross sector, cross border from enterprise level businesses to innovative start-ups.

The stats as well as insights, news and graphics including Mobile Money Landscape  are available as part of MEF’s (just published) quarterly Mobile Money Bulletin.  Download it here for free.

1. According to TeleSign, enterprises have reported up to $240 million in annual losses each due to mobile fraud. The average lost is $92.3m.

source TeleSign

Crop left2. One third of UK consumers say credit and debit card payments will no longer be the preferred method of payment in 2020. Instead, people will move to mobile payments. Meanwhile 44 per cent say they would be prepared to make payments via biometric scanning.

Source: Experian

3. More than 15% of US smartphone owners will use mobile wallets by 2018 — making digital wallets an attractive marketing platform beyond the next payment tool. Already, 27% of marketers plan to use mobile wallets this year as part of their marketing toolkit, up from 14% in 2014.

Source: Forrester

2000px-Flag_of_Kenya.svg4. Kenyans transacted $26bn via M-Pesa in 2014.

Source: Central Bank of Kenya

5. 2,267,597 UK customers aged over 70 are now registered to use internet banking, and more than 600,000 of these people are 80+.

Source: British Banker’s Organisation ‘Way We Bank Now’ study

6. Mobile payments have topped a quarter of global online payments for the first time. For Q4 2014, 25.8 per cent of online transactions took place on a mobile device, which is 11 percent higher than Q3 2014 (23.3 per cent), and 37 percent higher than Q4 2013 (18.8 per cent).

Source: Adyen quarterly Mobile Payments Index

7. Contactless mobile payments to grow by 10 in 2015 – five per cent of the 600-650 million NFC phones will be used at least once a month to make contactless in-store payments at retail outlets.

Source: Deloitte

8. Global mobile payments could top 3 trillion euros by 2020 thanks to Apple Pay and the one-touch online checkouts enabled by Amazon, PayPal and others.


Crop right9. mPos provider, Square, is now processing more than $100 million in sales per day.

Source: Square.

10. Mobile is powering 54 out of every 100 payments made on Alibaba’s Alipay system.

Source: Wall Street Journal

11. Mobile accounted for 52.1 per cent of all online traffic on Thanksgiving Day and 49.6 per cent on Black Friday

Source: IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark

Crop centre12. Smartphone and tablet-based commerce is expected to account for 49 per cent of all online sales in Europe by 2018. That’s a total market value of €142bn.

Source: Forrester