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WEAR7880Continuing our Innovation Day series, three mobile payments startups take the stage at MEF Global Forum to share insights on their disruptive business models and discuss the future of the financial services industry as it weaves itself in to the mobile ecosystem.

Checkout the presentations from PayNearMe, InStore and Bionym below, plus below that a panel debate on the future of financial services with three Fintech powerhouses – Bill Harris of Personal Capital, Seb Taveau of Mastercard and Darren Foulds from session sponsor Barclays. Eryc Branham, GM & CRO of RocketSpace moderates.

Startup Presentations:

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Panel Discussion


  • Darren Foulds, Mobile Banking MD, Barclays
  • Seb Taveau, Corporate Venture & Strategic Alliances, Mastercard 
  • Bill Harris, CEO, Personal Capital