WEAR7567The Internet of Things, has been emerging as the next technology mega-trend for some time, but now with pervasive connectivity and increasingly smart devices, a bona-fide IoT, beyond the smart fridge, is coming in from the cold.

In this, the third from our MEF Global Forum: Innovation Day series, another group of talented start-ups; August Smart Lock, The Orange Chef Co, Voyomotive and inHome tell attendees at the San Francisco conference why they need to bet on IoT .  Checkout their presentations and slides below, and below that, hear from an expert IoT panel including Cisco, Comcast Ventures, Tandem Capital, Qualcomm and Honda Silicon Valley Lab (hosted by Mario Tapia, Managing Partner at Momentum Accelerator) on how this next phase of the Internet will transform the way we live and work.

Startup Presentations:

Watch All

Panel Discussion


  • Nate D’Anna, Director, Corporate Development, Cisco
  • Gavin Teo, Investor, Comcast Ventures
  • Bradley Leong, Partner, Tandem Capital, Tandem Capital
  • Shane Dewing, Sr. Director, Product Management, Qualcomm  
  • Dani Behrendt, Corporate Venture & Strategic Alliances, Honda Silicon Valley Lab


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