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Driven by the availability of sensor technology and health and wellness apps, the mobile ecosystem’s most recent branch, Wearables, is growing fast. It’s a sector which analyst firm Statista pegs at a value of $12.6 bn by 2018 and as well as hardware there is real-value in the data that Wearables can generate for healthcare industries, personal insurance and so on, sitting perfectly at the intersection of mobile technology, big data and services.

Some of the hottest startups in Wearable Health including Transcense, Remedy, VoiceItt and Lumo Body Tech gathered at MEF Global Forum to explain why the sector is ripe for disruption.  Follow the links below for exclusive video pitches and slides of their presentations and below that, a panel debate including representatives from Basis Science, Wearable World, Relay Ventures and Lumo Body Tech. 

Startup Presentations:

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Panel Discussion


  • Marco de la Torre, Cofounder, Basis Science
  • Redg Sondgrass,CEO, Wearable World
  • Kevin Talbot, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Relay Ventures
  • Monisha Perkash, CEO & Co-founder, Lumo Body Tech