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MefGCS14b_MPUMEF has published a handy infographic highlighting the different consumer profiles worldwide when it comes to mobile content and commerce.  South Africans are ‘mad for’ apps, Brazilians are the biggest spenders in 2014 and Indian consumers lead the take up of education on mobile.

The data is taken from MEF’s annual Global Consumer Survey , which looks at the  consumer behaviour patterns of almost 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries across five continents, including mHealth, mobile education, banking, the apps economy and entertainment.

The study, now in it’s 4th year was launched at last month’s MEF Global Forum in San Francisco and was carried out in association with On Device Research and supported by MEF members AVG Technologies, ooredoo and TIMWE.

Download the executive summary here

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Download the MEF Global Consumer Survey 2014 from the MEF Website.