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MEFTV speaks at length to Arturo Galvan, Founder & CEO of Naranya and MEF LatAm Vice Chair. Arturo shares his views on the opportunity mobile presents in LatAm and other developing regions, and explains why the “Digital Tsunami” spells great opportunities for these emerging markets.

7 key points on the Digital TsunamiAG escritorio2

  • In the next three to five years mobile devices will help the internet grow from 25 per cent to between 85 and 100 per cent penetration
  • Mobile devices are the vehicle that will help emerging markets achieve a higher internet penetration and thus, access internet information
  • 310 million additional people will be online for the first time in Latin America.  This is a profound shift
  • Latin America is the region in which mobile Internet access has increased the most with a 43% CAGR over the last 4 years
  • Mobile internet access is extremely important because it ignites progress for all kinds of digital activity – commerce, finance, health, education, security, infrastructure and entertainment
  • Mobile internet access is progressively becoming an indicator of a country’s GDP, productivity and improvements in employment and is growing exponentially each year
  • Education, knowledge, finance, talent, financial incentives and relational capital are the dots forming the ecosystem and form the basis of local, national and lastly, regional success

To make things work, we need to connect the dots. Let’s connect the dots and change the world!

Arturo Galvan, is Founder & CEO of Naranya and MEF LatAm Vice Chair. Find out more about Naranya Labs on their website.