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Global Mobile News Round-up – Week 1st Jan 2014

By January 3, 2014News Roundup


Each week the Global News Round-up offers an instant international mobile content and commerce snapshot. To kick-off the New Year in suitable fashion this week we have selected a round-up of the world’s media stories that take a look at what’s in store for the mobile industry in 2014.

MEF’s own predictions for 2014 presented by the Global Board heralded a new era of mobile – Mobile 3.0 as consumer activity becomes truly mass-market expanding beyond one-off purchases and digital downloads, with mobile becoming the primary tool for engagement and transaction in consumers’ digital lives.

Other predictions from the Board around Smart Data, Wearables and Trust as a critical asset also enjoy popular consensus in the international round-up from leading analysts and journalists below.

Agree? Disagree? Have your own predictions? Comment below or join in the debate by registering now for MEF’s free webinar on 14th January at 1.30PM GMT: 2014: The Year Ahead where international analysts & journalists will discuss industry and regional trends for 2014, and their impact on the global mobile ecosystem.

 Global News Stories

Eric Schmidt Makes 2014 Predictions, Says Mobile Has Won

The VergeES

“Everyone is going to have a smartphone,” predicts Schmidt. “The trend has been mobile was winning; it’s now won,” he proclaims, before noting the trend towards more tablets and phones being sold than PCs.

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In 2014 The Mobile Web Will Die



The mobile Web will die because the companies that make the engines it ran upon are killing their mobile browsers and replacing them with fully functional versions that run on any device. In 2014, these browsers will be updated to put the final nail in its coffin.

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Top 10 Predictions For The Mobile Market In 2014



The drama will continue in the mobile market as fortunes of mobile operators and wireless handset makers are won and lost in the upcoming year.

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2014 Watching For Trends

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Guest Blog: Privacy Update

Thanks to an endless stream of brand ‘privacy breaches’ – and the NSA surveillance scandal – it’s no longer a paranoid minority who is freaked out when it comes to data privacy. Now, according to Adobe, 82 per cent of global consumers now believe that companies collect too much information on consumers.

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Top 10 Tech Trends For 2014



Wearable devices will proliferate

Google has Glass, and Samsung has a smartwatch, but Apple’s iWatch and many other smart wearable technologies are coming out soon. Juniper says 2014 will be a “watershed year” for wearables — but privacy will be an issue as cameras go everywhere.

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10 Mobile Technology Predictions for 2014

News East West


IDC predicts that Apple will see strong iOS-device growth and will maintain a 2-to-1 value per unit edge over Android, but it will also face a volume deficit of 3 to 1 vs. Google’s OS. Google’s Play Store will make serious progress toward rivaling the revenue collected by Apple’s popular App Store, which could be a significant blow to Apple. As for Microsoft, “the clock is ticking” for its Windows Phone mobile OS, and IDC says the company needs to “increase developer interest by 50 – 100 percent to stay in the game.”

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Bigger Mobile Ad Budgets More Device Use Expected

Mobile Marketer


While advertisers’ spend on mobile does not currently match up with the amount of time consumers spend with their devices, this could soon change as mobile ad budgets begin to catch up and account for 19.3 percent of the global online ad spend or 5.9 percent of the total spend, according to a new report from Berg Insight.

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Top 5 Mobile and Wireless Technology Predictions for 2014mobile1

Your Story, India

Ubiquitous mobile broadband, and faster. More and more operators are jumping into the LTE/LTE-Advanced bandwagon. This means that every mobile user is going to have a much fatter and faster pipe than ever before.

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Global News Round-up – These articles are not written by MEF and do not represent any views of individuals, members or the organisation.