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MEF’s 10th Annual Global Trust Study was carried out in January and February 2024. On behalf of MEF, On Device Research surveyed 9,750 smartphone users, 650 in each of 15 markets.

This special report focuses on India, comparing its key findings to the global benchmark in areas such as user attitudes to data sharing, security perceptions and artificial intelligence.

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Indian mobile users are among the most confident globally, engaging fully across many aspects of mobile life and with fewer concerns about sharing their information with organisations, apps and services. But could their confidence be ill-founded? New insight suggests that despite higher use of tools to protect their data, Indian users remain exposed to data harms. Download our special spotlight report on India to find out more.

Key Takeaways

  • India Ranks Amongst Highest For Trust

Levels of consumer trust in data sharing are relatively high in India compared to the global benchmark

  • Indian Mobile Users Are Confident Engaging In Digital Life…

Indians are more confident in their ability to stay safe online, more trusting of a range of organisations, and more likely to perceive they get valuable services in return for sharing their data. Compared to global benchmarks they are more likely to engage in mobile activities involving payments such as digital wallets.

  • …But Their Confidence May Be Ill-founded

Despite appearing to have fewer concerns about sharing information, and higher claimed usage of tools to protect their data, incidence of some serious data harms including identity theft is relatively high in India when compared to global benchmarks.

  • Less Positive Towards Some New Tech

Indians were less likely than users in other markets to express positivity towards certain technology developments including facial recognition, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Artificial Intelligence A Top 3 Priority For Regulation

India is one of a handful of markets where artificial intelligence has emerged as a top 3 consumer priority for regulation.