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Fitbug : GDPR and keeping the future of privacy healthy

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At MEF’s Consumer Trust Summit in London much of the discussion focussed on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is set to change the rules around how personal data is collected and used. Anna Gudmundson, CEO of Fitbug and Consumer Trust Summit panelist, shares her thoughts on how the regulation will impact the health sector and how data-centric companies may need to radically re-think their policies on personal data…

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum held its seventh Consumer Trust Summit in London last week. I had the privilege of joining representatives from companies from across the ecosystem to talk about the future of data, with a particular focus on the new data protection act rolling out across Europe in May 2018.

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Industry Views: regulation and the personal data economy

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No one disputes the TV, PC, Internet and mobile changed consumer lives. Every year, analysts share their predictions for the “next 10 big things” set to disrupt our world – from AI and AR to driverless cars to blockchain. But what can now really achieve mass-adoption and change consumer lives?

In 2016 much attention has been given to the Personal Data Economy – from Governments and regulators, to enterprises and developers all see the potential and the benefits.

Here we’ve collected the thoughts of some of the MEF members that are active in the debate.

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If it ain’t broke, fix it

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Tech hubs around the world share much in common. From Silicon Valley to Mumbai, Berlin to Lagos, you’ll find the same entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude. Their culture of Darwinian innovation takes few prisoners and has created problems with regulators and the consumers they serve. However, experts detect change in the air. MEF’s Simon Bates investigates.

The culture of Silicon Valley is often at odds with the principle of building trust. This was one of the key messages from a panel of experts at MEF’s recent Global Consumer Trust Summit. The reason behind the tech sector’s great success – a laser focus on innovation and disruption – can often upset the very people using its services.

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The monetisation muddle: six challenges facing data pioneers

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The rewards for those that harness the value of personal data are well documented. But, just as the 19th Century Gold Rush wrought disaster as well as triumph, success is not guaranteed. MEF’s year-on-year annual Consumer Trust Reports identify some of the obstacles facing modern day prospectors, as MEF CEO, Rimma Perelmuter explains.

Data is now the lifeblood of most mobile businesses. Growing exponentially in volume and richness, it may one day supplant oil and gas as the most lucrative resource for modern economies. From Menlo Park to Mumbai and Cambridge to Nairobi, a new generation of entrepreneurs and coders are inventing new models to harness its value.

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Understanding data protection: becoming a mobile privacy pro

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With a broad raft of evolving legal requirements to meet, implementing practical steps for the handling of consumer’s personal data can seem a daunting prospect. Here, Emily Hancock, VP of Legal at MEF Member Evernote lays out an invaluable roadmap for how to tackle this business critical issue, and see you on your way to becoming a privacy pro.

Navigating the growing number of data protection laws can be pretty overwhelming. And the granddaddy of them all is Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation. If you’re in the United States, a new set of criteria in the form of the Privacy Shield certification adds to the fun.

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Orwellian dystopia or evolutionary leap? The challenges of building trust in IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) always provokes strong reactions, especially when the prickly issue of trust rears its head. During MEF’s recent Global Consumer Trust Summit, a panel of industry experts engaged in a lively debate around the importance – and challenge – in building trust around a world of connected devices. MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter picks out some of the key themes…

The benefits of IoT are well documented. Rapid developments in machine learning mean we can discern patterns and behaviours from the exabytes of data gathered by connected devices in order to add value to a wide range of enterprises, infrastructure and consumers.

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Data stewardship: Manage with care – don’t lose it, don’t abuse it

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Rethinking the way in which customer data gets managed is new a frontier for businesses immersed in the digital landscape. Notably, new regulations that affect any company who are holders of European customer data threaten non-compliant companies with fines up to 4% of global turnover. Here MEF CEO, Rimma Perelmuter reflects on the impact for the mobile industry.

As companies continue to collect more and more personal data from consumers and emerging technologies such as mobile health, financial services and IOT seek to access our most sensitive data, the potential risks in the form of cyber security breaches, mismanagement of data and changing attitudes of consumers cannot be underestimated.

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Data regulation in Brazil: a beginner’s guide

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Data collection is a potential minefield for businesses looking to collect or monetise user’s data. MEF Policy & Initiatives Advisor Simon Bates shares the key take-aways from the latest edition of our regional guides for businesses and the regulatory issues around data collection, this time looking at Brazil.

Once again the eyes of the world are on Brazil as Rio hosts the Olympics. But the global business community hardly needed reminding of what the country has to offer: a rapidly growing middle class has created a tech-savvy consumer base that offers big opportunities for the mobile ecosystem

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Building trust in the mobile platform

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Consumer trust and engagement is an imperative for a healthy mobile ecosystem. Anurag Lal, CEO of MEF Member Infinite Convergence, explains how self-regulation and technology innovation can protect the mobile industry’s value proposition.

In the newly released Jason Bourne movie, a hot technology company called Deep Dream, a fictionalized Facebook, announces amazing mobile social media technology with much fanfare.

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Industry views: Pokemon Go and the privacy of user data

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Pokemon Go has been a phenomenal success. Almost overnight the game has captured more active users than Twitter.

At the same time the game makers, Niantic, are increasingly coming under fire around privacy concerns re the user data that the game is hoarding – including location. Niantic’s privacy policy notes that it may share aggregated information and non-identifying information with third parties for research and analysis, demographic profiling and other similar purposes.

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