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Top 20 mobile payments stories of 2016: 10 to 1

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2016 was another landmark year for the mobile payments space. In the second part of our annual review of the market, MEF reveals the 10 biggest stories of the last 12 months…

How would you like to type a message to a chat bot to make a payment? Or smile? Or nod? All of these new ways of making and authenticating transactions are possible because of the smartphone.

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The top 20 mobile payments stories of 2016: 20 to 11

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Chat bots, selfie-pay, Chinese expansion, loads of M&A and a few high profile failures. 2016 was a big year for the mobile payments space. Here, MEF looks back at the top 20 stories of the last 12 months – starting with 20 to 11…

Mobile payment is normal now – depending as ever on how you define mobile payments. Nearly everyone with a smartphone (and that’s nearly everyone) has bought something from a site or an app on their device.
And every year, they do more of this. Indeed, mobile commerce is now more or less level with desktop commerce. But in-store payment? Scanning or tapping a phone to pay? That’s still far from mainstream.

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Meffys finalists 2016: Innovation in Fintech

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In the run up to the Meffys final on December 1st, supported by Mozilla & BiP. we are taking a brief look at the finalists in the nine different categories.

The Innovation in Fintech category is all about the mobile products and services disrupting finance and banking. It celebrates the achievements of the retailers, banks, government bodies, enterprises and tech companies delivering next generation payment services, money transfers, anti-fraud and security as well as banking solutions accelerating the adoption of mobile money.

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What the operators did next: become banks?

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If banking is something you do on an app, why shouldn’t your telco actually be your bank? It’s more than just an idea. Orange, Telenor and O2 have all launched their own operations. Here’s a look at their activities and their motivations.

In the UK alone, people use mobile banking apps more than 7,610 times a minute, or four billion times a year.

According to the ‘Way We Bank Now’ report by the British Banking Association, they downloaded more than 13.8 million banking apps in 2015, up 25 per cent from 2014.

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Stat attack: the state of European mobile commerce and banking

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It’s official. Mobile commerce and mobile banking are now the norm across Europe. So says a new report on digital payments launched this week. Here are more details on consumer attitudes to shopping on a phone and paying with a tap…

The mobile has replaced the MP3 player, the alarm clock, the map, the camera.

Can it replace the wallet?

For all the hype, not yet. Most consumers still use cash or card rather than phone to pay inside a shop.

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Pokémon Go and financial gamification

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People can’t stop talking about Pokémon GO! Here MEF Member and mobile payments facilitator Novatti take inspiration from the phenomenon and reflect on the possibilities of gamification of the mobile financial services sector…

If you are yet to hear about or encounter Pokémon GO by now, you must truly be living in a cave somewhere or the technological equivalent of one. But worry not, we are here to shed some light on the subject, hopefully leaving you well informed.

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Transforming Zimbabwe in to a cash-lite economy with mobile money

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Mobile money is the poster-boy for mobile services in Africa. Here Srinivas Nidugondi, Senior Vice President & Head Mobile Financial Solutions at Mahindra Comviva explains how it is driving financial inclusion in Zimbabwe with EcoCash.

This article originally appeared in MEF’s Regional eBulletin – Africa Edition which includes news, a report on messaging in Africa, VAS regulation in Nigeria and further insights from Huawei.

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The Global Mobile Money Landscape update

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The mobile money landscape continues to evolve bringing new and increasingly convenient ways to purchase items in-store and online or transfer funds P2P.

Check out the latest developments below in the mobile money landscape graphic. Defined by MEF’s Global Working Group it categorises the ecosystem into in-store payments, online payments, P2P payments, direct operator billing, mobile wallets and mPos

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12 industry stats that show how mobile money is taking hold

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From proximity payments, to carrier billing and P2P transfer, mobile money is snowballing. Apple, Android and Samsung Pay are all contributing to the gathering pace of adoption, whilst new models like payment from within chat apps are helping disrupt and distribute new mobile money services.

Here’s the latest industry stats and facts that show how mobile money has taken shape over the last three months and growth forecasts in the short to long-term.

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What is fueling the carrier billing market?

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Worldwide app store revenues were over $40bn in 2015, according to Statista, a figure that is forecast to increase to just over $100bn in 2020. Whilst carrier billing was responsible for just $3bn of this content in 2015, this figure is forecast to sky-rocket to more than $30bn by 2020.

Here, Sukey Miller VP of Marketing at MEF member, Bango, discusses the current state of the carrier billing market, which content categories dominate, and the influencing factors that will lead to growth of more than 10 times the current market value by 2020.

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