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MEF members elect 19 board directors to champion industry engagement

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MEF has announced the results of its Global, EMEA and LatAm board elections for the 2017/2019 term following its AGM in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress last week.

19 executives representing the diversity of the global mobile ecosystem from mobile operators to companies at the forefront of mobile payments, messaging, personal data and content were elected to take forward MEF’s mandate.

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Nudging children to better marks – with a text to parents

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Raj Chande, senior advisor at the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team recently implemented a landmark trial to explore the use of messaging in education. MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green caught up with Raj to discuss the results, for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide. Here’s the full story …

What’s the best way to improve children’s school grades? Obvious answers might include iPads for every pupil. Or new buildings. Or after-school classes.

But what about a simple text to parents? A less obvious tactic perhaps, and certainly a cheaper one. But in a landmark trial in English schools, the experiment improved the average student’s progress by a month.

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5 minutes with… Monitoring & Compliance Partners

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In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, Declan Pettit introduces Monitoring & Compliance Partners.

MCP are a Mobile Advertising Monitoring company. Headquartered in UK, we have operations (currently 45 people) across EMEA with a variety of client types; Payment Processors, Network Operators, Regulators and On-line Merchants. We provide the tools to ensure market intelligence and pro-active regulatory due diligence are at the forefront of our clients’ strategic thinking and responsibilities.

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MEF Connects MWC 2017 in pictures

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Last week MEF hosted the 15th annual MEF Connects MWC 2017 in association with American Express. It was a fantastic evening of networking and discussion at the prestigious and beautiful University of Barcelona.

Thanks to all our partners including American Express, Syntonic, Universal Media Group, CLX, RealNetworks and Basebone. Check out if you were caught on camera with all the photos from the glittering gathering.

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Mobile loves nostalgia, but hates bezels: takeaways from MWC 2017

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Everyone is welcome at Mobile World Congress: drones, cars, smart meters, connected dresses, watches. Even some phones. Tim Green was there too. And here is what he saw…

Liberals should love MWC.
All over the world, people are swinging to the right. They want to preserve their indigenous identities and seal borders. They don’t want any more outsiders coming in.

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Mobile industry collaborates to tackle messaging fraud

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Today MEF is launching its Enterprise Messaging Guide an essential companion to any brand or business that uses, or is considering using mobile messaging as part of its customer outreach, be that for marketing, authentication or notification purposes.

Developed by MEF’s 30+ strong group of participants in its Future of Messaging Programme, including global messaging suppliers, mobile operators, signalling equipment providers and others in the enterprise messaging ecosystem, The Enterprise Messaging Guide can be downloaded here for free.

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18 statistics that explore the growth of mobile money

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MEF’s recently published Mobile Money Report supported by Wirecard, asked 6,000 consumers in nine countries about their usage and attitudes towards mobile payments. It paints a detailed picture of how mobile money is taking hold in both growth and established markets and is available to download here for free.

The study found that 78 per cent of us had made a purchase by mobile in the previous six months, which suggests that all but the most tech-phobic consumers have now embraced the m-commerce habit. That figure is a global average. There are of course differences at the country level. China for example is leading the charge. The study reveals 88% of China’s citizens currently make mobile transactions.

Below we’ve picked out 18 statistics from the report that track the use of mobile money around the world.

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Why the time has come for sponsored mobile data

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The world’s smartphone users don’t want bits and bytes, says Syntonic CEO Gary Greenbaum. They want music, video and games. He talked to MEF Minute about this changing consumer mindset and Syntonic’s sponsored content models.

We live in an era of exploding demand for streaming video, on-demand music and connected gaming on mobile. But one factor limits the potential of this content market: the cost of data. Consumers are either concerned at the cost or they don’t understand data at all. After all, how many megabytes are there in 10 minutes of YouTube?

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10 things you need to know about the personal-data economy

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Rob Pegorago, tech journalist and moderator from the recent MEF Data Privacy & Security Summit at CES shares 10 things you need to know about the personal data economy, following the discussions of the panel held on the topic at the same event – listen to that discussion in full below.

There’s a traditional way to deal with your privacy online: In return for a free service, we click an “I agree” button that lets companies collect more of our information than we might like, subject to poorly-documented terms that they’re free to change at will. In our more self-aware moments, we may resent that exchange.

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