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Mobile wallet offers strategic opportunity

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Dave Ratner, President of Enterprise Solutions at MEF Member Syniverse reflects on the holiday season and how mobile wallets can be harnessed by brands to revitalise sales and engage consumers.

Holiday shopping may not feel like it’s in full swing until just before Christmas, but research shows only 27 percent of U.S. consumers start shopping in December. While this may give pause to some brands, worried that they have missed a window to attract customers, a new mobile channel has emerged to help overcome this challenge. Mobile wallet offers

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Mobile World Congress 2013

What’s in store for the mobile ecosystem in 2017?

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2016 was an eventful year for technology innovation across the board. And whilst new models have come to the fore the global base of mobile users continues to grow, confirming mobile’s central role in how businesses innovate and monetise their services.

Everything has been fair game, from the collection and responsible use of user data through to new ways for consumers to perform everyday tasks like talking to their bank, ordering and buying a coffee or transferring money to a friend.

But how will the mobile ecosystem change in 2017? And what are the areas of the ecosystem that are ripe for disruption or collaboration? We asked MEF members to provide us with their thoughts on the big trends for 2017…

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Africa’s mobile-first music scene: Antos Stella, Content Connect Africa

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There’s huge potential in Africa’s mobile-first music scene. But you need strong local knowledge to unlock it. So says Antos Stella, managing director of Content Connect Africa. In this exclusive interview for MEF Minute, she explains why she is so excited about the market…

In the ‘mature markets’ of Europe and North America, the music industry is undergoing profound change. There’s excitement, but also trepidation. The traditional analogue model of CDs and high street shops was extraordinarily lucrative. Now, it’s gone. Re-adjusting is painful.

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Mobile review of the year: the 16 big stories of 2016

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What did you do in 2016? if you took an Uber, talked to Alexa, chatted to a bot and caught them all, then you are fully in line with Tim Green’s choice of top 16 stories for 2016…

2016 was the year mobile exploded. Literally, in the case of the Samsung Note7. There were some notable debuts – Pixel, AirPods, Oculus, Facebook Live. And some notable departures – Vine, Lumia.

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Top 20 mobile payments stories of 2016: 10 to 1

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2016 was another landmark year for the mobile payments space. In the second part of our annual review of the market, MEF reveals the 10 biggest stories of the last 12 months…

How would you like to type a message to a chat bot to make a payment? Or smile? Or nod? All of these new ways of making and authenticating transactions are possible because of the smartphone.

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The top 20 mobile payments stories of 2016: 20 to 11

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Chat bots, selfie-pay, Chinese expansion, loads of M&A and a few high profile failures. 2016 was a big year for the mobile payments space. Here, MEF looks back at the top 20 stories of the last 12 months – starting with 20 to 11…

Mobile payment is normal now – depending as ever on how you define mobile payments. Nearly everyone with a smartphone (and that’s nearly everyone) has bought something from a site or an app on their device.
And every year, they do more of this. Indeed, mobile commerce is now more or less level with desktop commerce. But in-store payment? Scanning or tapping a phone to pay? That’s still far from mainstream.

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Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in Mobile First Markets – Opera Software/Opera Max

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Consumers in mobile first countries are desperately hungry for digital services. But they can be held back by the cost of data. Opera is tackling this with its Opera Max product, which has won the Innovation in Mobile First Markets Meffy for 2016…

It’s ironic that the countries where mobile is ‘first’ are generally the countries where mobile data is the most expensive (in real terms).

In its recent State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software revealed that the average German can pay for 500MB with one hour of work.

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Enterprise messaging: Integrate expectations

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Adding a mobile messaging function to enterprise systems is a must for businesseses.

Mike Willock, VP for EMEA Sales, SAP Mobile Services recently spoke to MEF’s Tim Green about the benefits of adding messaging to enterprise communications for MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide which can be downloaded here for free…

For any enterprise embracing digital to reach customers, mobile and messaging is a key component and enabler. It’s why enterprise software giant SAP bought Sybase 365 (now SAP Mobile Services). The acquisition opened up new, broader messaging and integration opportunities with existing products and as standalone solutions.

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Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in FinTech – Kasisto

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Everyone is watching the development of chat bots and conversational commerce. US-based Kasisto is right at the heart of the space. It has launched its own banking bot and is helping others do the same. Kasisto won the 2016 Innovation in FinTech Meffy…
The financial services space is fascinated by chat bots. They seem to offer an enticing combination of the easy access of digital and the personal touch of the high street.
It’s why so many banks and card networks are experimenting with the concept. US-based Kasisto is helping most of them.

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