Meeco’s Katryna Dow on Tom Cruise, Toyota and the personal data economy

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It was sci-fi that first got Katryna Dow, founder of MEF member Meeco, thinking about how we can take back control of our personal data. That was 10 years ago. Today, Katryna is one of the world’s leading proponents of the personal data economy. She spoke to MEF Minute…

If anyone is struggling to get his or her head round the idea of the personal data economy, ask Katryna Dow about her X-rays.

The founder of Meeco is a busy woman. A busy woman running a start-up that is half based in Australia and half based in the UK.

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What the operators did next: become banks?

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If banking is something you do on an app, why shouldn’t your telco actually be your bank? It’s more than just an idea. Orange, Telenor and O2 have all launched their own operations. Here’s a look at their activities and their motivations.

In the UK alone, people use mobile banking apps more than 7,610 times a minute, or four billion times a year.

According to the ‘Way We Bank Now’ report by the British Banking Association, they downloaded more than 13.8 million banking apps in 2015, up 25 per cent from 2014.

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Robots with headphones (done in 3d)

Unlocking the potential of conversational commerce

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Mobile consumers don’t book out chunks of time to interact with the mobile web, apps or services. Rather they go online in response to a need that is felt in the moment.

It follows that reducing friction (the time taken to do things via mobile) is a key driver of mobile tech innovation. Consumers want to ‘get their faster’.

iTunes got consumers to music quicker than going to the store. Netflix beat Blockbuster by sidestepping the need for customers to walk to the video shop. eBay triumphed largely because PayPal made it easy to buy in one click. The list goes on.

The same goes for any kind of brand interaction: checking product details, making a complaint, finding directions etc. Reducing time spent on these tasks to the bare minimum is considered a good thing.

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MEF member news – October 24

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A huge rollout of QR code-based payments by MasterCard and EcoBank across Africa and a ‘classico’ VAS deal for Bitbit. Find out more about these stories and more in this week’s member news round-up.

A landmark deal between Ecobank Group and MasterCard will see Masterpass in-store payment extended across all African countries this year.

The partners have already deployed the QR code system in Nigeria, and have set a goal of reaching 100 million customers by 2020.

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Wirecard: the next big wave of digital commerce will be on the high street

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By mastering digital-first commerce, Wirecard has become one of the world’s fastest growing companies. Now, it’s turning its attention to bricks and mortar stores. MEF’s Tim Green talked to Wirecard’s EVP of global product strategy, Christian von Hammel-Bonten…

It’s been said many times before that the world’s payment processing systems were not built for digital. There was a time when most payments were local. The man in the shop knew you. And if you wanted credit, he would make a personal decision based on his relationship with you.

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Stat attack: the state of European mobile commerce and banking

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It’s official. Mobile commerce and mobile banking are now the norm across Europe. So says a new report on digital payments launched this week. Here are more details on consumer attitudes to shopping on a phone and paying with a tap…

The mobile has replaced the MP3 player, the alarm clock, the map, the camera.

Can it replace the wallet?

For all the hype, not yet. Most consumers still use cash or card rather than phone to pay inside a shop.

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Global mobile news round-up: 14th October

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. Analytics startup accused of sharing private user data, news from the Samsung/Apple patent case, mobile overtakes desktop in ad-spend and much more.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revoked access to their data to an analytics firm accused of selling information that allowed US police to track activists and protesters. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said Chicago-based Geofeedia had allowed police to “sneak in through a side door” to monitor protests.
Geofeedia said it was committed to the principles of personal privacy.

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Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 13.57.58’s Julian Ranger – why The Internet Of Me will change the world

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Imagine a world where rich customer data is available to business – with complete privacy to the individual. Julian Ranger says his company,, can make this happen. And it’s game changing, he explained to MEF Minute…

Julian Ranger has the cards out again. He is talking about his start-up by dealing, cutting and turning over 52 playing cards.

It’s an unusual way for a tech entrepreneur to pitch his business idea. But Ranger is not a regular tech entrepreneur. Sure, he has impeccable geek credentials. But he’s also a showman. And he’s hit on a novel way of explaining the concept behind his current venture,

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